The Minimizing Playbook is Here!

We're three weeks into our adventure and settling into our new home feels like yesterday and a long time ago at the same time. New things are always unnerving and exciting, right? We're actually still in the process of settling, both us and our dog, and each day brings new challenges, unexpected delight, and the hint of a {welcome} routine. Talking about routine ~ I am set on making a minimal lifestyle part of my routine, and I'm still just at the very beginning. What I've learned so far I'm sharing in the Minimizing Playbook, a quick starter guide to a simpler life in 10 steps.


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We got rid of about 90% of our belongings within a 10-week period, and when I finished writing the playbook we were still in the process of whittling it down some more. Turns out 10% is still a lot of stuff and does one really need seven Carhartt sweaters? {My husband insists that yes, indeed, you need all the Carhartt sweaters you can get. I feel the same about yarn.}


The Minimizing Playbook is a 15-page pdf you can download once you subscribe to my email list, and it contains 10 steps towards a simpler life, like finding your "why" for minimizing, deciding whether money or time is more important to you, what to still buy while you're minimizing, and more. {Seven more things to be exact, because I only listed three.}


Minimalism is not just getting rid of your stuff, it's a shift in mindset as well, and we're working on that daily as we're finding our new routine. Some days more than others, but that's life, eh?


For now we've fit what we need daily into our room and we're in the process of dealing with the rest whether it will be donated, stored, or thrown out. My goal is that by the end of the year we'll be at a level that includes only the essentials and you guessed it, I will keep track along the way. I hope you stick around.



My "office" takes up quite a bit of space in our room, but that's where my hardwire internet access is; gotta go where the internet is, even if it's 30 times slower than in the city, right? Surprisingly enough, it works just fine and we're able to do pretty much anything we need to do online. Including ordering more Carhartt sweaters and yarn 🤓


So far so good. Onward!


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