Knitting and Creating · August 23, 2020
Pattern: Migration Shawl by The Blue Brick Yarn: Moca Cotton by Monsoon Calamity, Haisley colourway Weight: Fingering Yards used: ~ 925

Living Simple and Being Well · August 16, 2020
The nearest Starbucks is 174 km from our new home and I could not be more excited about it.

Knitting and Creating · August 01, 2020
Pattern: Fintry Shawl by Knox Mountain Knit Co. Yarn: Snuggly Baby Bamboo by Sirdar (bought at Yarn Canada), colour Putty Weight: DK Yards used: ~ 560

Living Simple and Being Well · July 25, 2020
We're about five weeks away from drastically changing our lives and leaving the place we've called home for twelve years. It's time I think about what exactly living simple and being well means to me.

Minimizing · July 15, 2020
Going through all our stuff has brought back some forgotten and neglected treasures.

Knitting and Creating · July 09, 2020
Pattern: Hometown Shawl by Suvi Simola. Yarn: Nympheas colourway on a Crysalis base from Essence of Autumn. Weight: Fingering. Yards Used: ~ 870.

Minimizing · July 02, 2020
My husband and I had a conversation about how much to sell our belongings for, and it quickly went a lot deeper than talking simply about "stuff".

Minimizing · June 24, 2020
Minimizing is not only about getting rid of stuff. It's also a lot about knowing which pieces of yourself to hold onto and which to let go. What you thought defines you may have changed and you're ready to release and move on.