Living Simple · November 18, 2020
I'm thinking a lot about mindfulness and being well these days, and I've discovered the fun of missing out. The only thing I'm afraid of missing out on anymore are the amazing sunrises at the ranch.

Knitting and Creating · October 31, 2020
Pattern: Rincon Cowl by Stephannie Tallent Yarn: Deluxe DK by Universal Yarns Weight: DK Yards used: ~ 430

Knitting and Creating · October 22, 2020
Patterns: Sagebrush Hat by Knox Mountain Knit Co and Buttoned Neck Hugger by Shelley Carr. Yarn: LOL Worsted by West Coast Fibres in Coquihalla colourway

Knitting and Creating · October 07, 2020
Pattern: Nirumiktuq by Nunavut Qiviut Yarn: Muskox Blend, natural by Nunavut Qiviut Weight: Lace Yards used ~ 175

Knitting and Creating · October 05, 2020
Pattern: The Shift by Andrea Mowry Yarn: DK by Rose Hill Yarns Weight: DK Yards used ~ 450

Living Simple · October 04, 2020
We're five weeks into our new adventure and I'm taking a break from snapping pictures of sunrises and sunsets to write about it.

Knitting and Creating · September 27, 2020
Pattern: Paradise Valley by Knox Mountain Knit Co. Yarn: Home Grown by West Coast Colour Weight: Worsted Yards used ~ 670

Minimizing · September 20, 2020
The first step of our minimizing project is done - going from 100% to about 10% - and three weeks into our adventure at the ranch I'm ready to share the Minimizing Playbook with you.

Knitting and Creating · August 23, 2020
Pattern: Migration Shawl by The Blue Brick Yarn: Moca Cotton by Monsoon Calamity, Haisley colourway Weight: Fingering Yards used: ~ 925

Living Simple · August 16, 2020
The nearest Starbucks is 174 km from our new home and I could not be more excited about it.

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